A-List Links: James Franco Posts A Nude Selfie On Instagram?!

James Franco

Plus, Kimberly Elise talks parenting her two daughters.

James Franco has a problem. The dust of April's instagram scandal has barely settled and he's managed to post another indecent selfie on the site. A rather revealing photo that isn't all that attractive (read: not attractive at all). #FrancoEffedUpAgain (TooFab)

This new movie featuring actress Kimberly Elise gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Have your cake and eat it too." Elise talks about playing a role modeled after a real person, shares her philosophies on raising her children and her plans for Mother's Day. (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Making a play on these ladies might have you looking like a fool. They know the game and all the tricks involved. Check out these incredible 12 Women Sportscasters! (Essence)

Dazzling Cameron Diaz dishes some interesting facts about herself to "Watch What Happens Live" show host Andy Cohen. Diaz makes some A+ commentary about human sexuality and basically proves that she is still flawless. (Huffington Post Celebrity)

Kim Kardashian could win a totally irrelevant prize for her #ThrowbackThursday Instagram pic featuring North West and Anna Wintour. Wintour is known for being brisk and efficient, so a pic of her smiling obviously stirred up some pointless controversy. The baby does look cute, though. (Refinery29)

Real Housewives Of Atlanta reality star Porscha Williams has some explainin' to do. Williams went from handing out bibles to snatching wig infamy. Her past employment as a pastor has come into the light and people are wondering what caused Williams to forsake Jesus for her current lifestyle. (RadarOnline)

There's a time in every person's life when they meet someone who is clearly better than them in every way. Usually, we fall hopelessly in love with said person and feel it in our souls when we're summarily rejected. George Clooney asked his now-fiancee Amal Alamuddin out three times before she said yes. He had to do some serious work to lock that down. I doubt he regrets it. (Newser)

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have been separated for awhile now, but the two get along that most married couples. Duff talks about potential reconciliation with her ex, because they've remained a family unit and really good friends. (Wetpaint)

Dick Van Dyke, Doris Day, and Maureen O'Hara were huge celebrities in their time. They've faded into obscurity in modern day, but many of us didn't even realize they were still alive. Here are 25 celebrities that we loved, but thought had passed on! (Ranker)