Cancer Patient Weds Her Love Of 28 Years In Hospital Ceremony

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If there's a will, there's a way. And these two found a way.

Annie Turner finally married her partner after 28 years together. This sounds like a joyous occasion doesn't it? What a great celebration of lasting love, right? It seems the bride is finally getting her happily ever after!

Not so much. Turner was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer five months ago and had to have her wedding at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, Mississippi because she was too sick to be discharged for the ceremony.

However, Turner's long time partner, Charles Nicholson, did not give up. He was determined to give his bride a wedding. He coordinated with the hospital staff to plan a special ceremony for the love of his life, complete with flowers and a marriage license. Turner and Nicholson's love story touched the hospital staff so much so that they planned the entire service.

Head nurse Brittney Goolsby said of the couple, "They're just really sweet, humble people. She never imagined anyone would want to do something like this for her. It made us want to do it for them that much more."

Even though the wedding wasn't Turner’s dream ceremony and had to be improvised (the material for the veil was borrowed from the gift shop, music came from an iPod and the bride's 'something blue' was actually an elastic hair band) the couple got to celebrate their love together by saying their "I do's."

Consider our hearts melted.

On the big day, the hospital staff pushed Turner down the hall to the lobby where her groom and their son waited. Nicholson put a ring on Turner's finger. An employee at the Yalobusha County Courthouse was also present at the ceremony and later drove the marriage license to Oxford. As a gift, staff gave the bride a necklace with a charm marked with the letter 'C' for her new husband, Charles.

"I'll never be able to be grateful enough," Mr. Nicholson said.

We wish the couple the best and hope that the time they have together will be filled with memories their loved ones will cherish forever.