Don't Say 'I Do' Just Yet! 7 Bad Reasons To Rush Into Marriage

sad bride

Stop and think before you make that walk down the aisle.

Marriage is something that a lot of people feel pressured and rushed to do even though it is a huge decision. It's meant to be life long and with any other lifelong decision, we would probably think harder about it. Unfortunately, for lot of brides and grooms-to-be, the glitz and glam of weddings (and let's face the really entertaining wedding reality shows) makes them overlook this fact.

Before you start searching for a bride or groom, or hinting to your partner that you want to be engaged, really reflect on the reason you want to get married. If you want to get married for any reason other than you both are ready, then you shouldn't be in a rush down the aisle. Luckily we broke down at least seven reasons you shouldn't rush into marriage to really put things into perspective.

1. All Your Friends Are Married

It's hard to feel like everyone's leaving you behind, and the pressure to couple up can be immense. Try not to forget that you're awesome all by your own bad self!

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