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With Valentine's Day upon us,, the #1 media company focused on love and relationships, urges marketers to recognize how love is a powerful means to engage with consumers all year long -- and connect with them where it matters most: the heart.

"Love is a major or minor character in nearly every story ever sold -- from TV to movies to books to magazines. From celebrity break ups to royal nuptials, love makes daily headlines. It's the muse to an infinite amount of music and more. It truly is a mainstay of pop culture," states Andrea Miller, YourTango's CEO.

"Consumers spend billions of dollars in its pursuit: from fairy tale weddings and glittering anniversary gifts to infinite beauty products and bottomless bottles of liquid courage. Emotions drive purchases and you can't get more emotional than love. It's the most powerful, important thing in the world. Love is the root of happiness...and so much more!" Miller adds.

Simply put, marketers should care about love and relationships because female consumers care deeply about this subject. It offers significant contextual relevance to innumerable consumer product categories -- providing a powerful way to connect in a real, relevant and highly relatable manner -- from beauty to food to travel to entertainment, home, fashion and beyond. Love even has relevance to automotive as demonstrated by YourTango's successful work with Ford Motor Company.

YourTango executed a two-part "Love on the Road" initiative that generated significant earned media for Ford. Whether its backseat driving or going on an unforgettable road trip together, the connection between couples and cars is undeniable.

YourTango has worked successfully with a diverse set of marketers such as Reckitt Benckiser, TiVo, Colgate, Merck, Harlequin, Sony Pictures, Random House, Kraft, and many others, touting a successful track record for producing high quality, truly engaging branded content. YourTango generates invaluable consumer insights for marketers based on its research as well.

YourTango also offers significant reach. The company achieved tremendous growth in 2013, increasing its total global audience to 12.5mm unique visitors/month, per Google Analytics, representing 250% year over year growth, and placing it in QuantCast's top 250 U.S. sites.

To extend its reach much further, YourTango has assembled a content network with over 75 syndication partners such as Huffington Post, Café Mom, BuzzFeed, and many others.

YourTango has built a robust marketing platform for relationship-related professionals. "YourTango Experts" includes nearly 1,000 dating coaches, couples counselors and therapists and features many of the top thought-leaders in this space, such as John Gray, Pat Love, Harville Hendrix, Esther Perel, and Charles Orlando.

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