How To Deal: You're Ready For Marriage, He's Not

woman gets rejected for proposal

Some of us have been there. You invest years into a relationship hoping that it will end with marriage. Perhaps you have made your vision known throughout your relationship, but it falls on deaf ears. Perhaps your partner has simply answered "not yet," and you end up waiting around. Usually in this situation there's a point where either one of the parties change for the other, or there could be a nasty ultimatum.

One Refinery 29 reader explained her own personal situation and had two experts to weigh in on the dilemma.

"It's been four years and he still hasn't put a ring on it. There's a chance he might propose this Valentine's Day but if he doesn't, I think I’m going to end it. I am very happy with him but I think he'd be fine staying like this forever, and that’s not what I want. He knows how important marriage is to me and I don’t want to beg or wait anymore. Is there any way I can convince him, or should I leave and look for someone who wants the same thing I do?"

Find out what the experts said here: I'm Ready For Marriage, He's Not: How To Deal

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