Love Bytes: The Heartwarming Way This Guy Got A Lot Of Kisses

Desperate For Love: The Heartwarming Reason This Guy Was Kissed

Plus, more men are faking orgasms than you realize.

Listen up guys, if you're ever desperate for love ... we suggest that you try mocking up a sign. We're not kidding — this actually worked for Blake Grigsby. All he wanted was a quick, innocent kiss — and he got lots of 'em! You have to see the video! (The Chive)

Here are the most important lessons you'll learn about sex in your twentysomething years. (You can thank us when you're 30.) (AskMen)

Just in case you were out shopping for a new male chastity device, they're newly available in a specific kind of finish. Curious yet? If you and your partner don't own one, you really need to get one ASAP — apparently, they're all the rage now. (Huffington Post Weird News)

What's almost better than sex? (Hint: it's sports-related.) (Bleacher Report)

The holidays are right around the corner. Do you know what you're buying your guy this year? If he's a gamer, then this is the gift of the year. (Plunder Guide)

As if you needed another reason to be on Team JLaw, what she did for one little girl at a recent red carpet appearance brings her from girl crush status to CILB status (celebs I'd love to befriend). (Huffington Post Good News)

9 easily correctable mistakes guys make with women. Dudes, we know you can be a little clumsy when it comes to dating. But these are some quick fixes! (Guyism)

An orgasm through meditation? Who knew it was that easy? (The Gloss)

This week, we're all about being nag-free in our relationships, but realistically, how can you express your needs without sounding needy? This guy has the answer. (A New Mode)

Breasts — do you ever wonder about yours? Like, how do you compare to the average size? Should they look so uneven? You'd be amazed to learn these little-known facts about your girls. (Gurl)

What do guys really think of cheating? Physical versus emotional? Is it ever permissible? Hear their thoughts in this must-see video. (Essence)

Looking for a little kick to your date night dinner at home? Pop a bottle open of this! (Plunder Guide)

The 50 sexiest women of primetime TV. Did you favorite actress make the cut? (Guyism)

Got a guy who still won't commit? Here's the advice you need. (A New Mode)

Even with the progession we've made with legalizing gay marriage, we still have a long way to go in this country. You wouldn't believe what gay couples still can't legally do. (Ranker)

It wasn't all love and peace at the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius. One man retells his childhood watching his mother — a self-described "militant feminist" — date an abusive man. (The Daily Beast)

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