10 Reasons Pandas Make Lousy Boyfriends

10 Reasons Pandas Make Lousy Boyfriends

Don't let the cuteness fool you!

Yeah, pandas are adorable. But don't let that sway you should one ever ask you out. These guys make terrible boyfriends, and here are 10 reasons proving our point.



They're clumsy as all heck Imagine trying to dance with that!
They can kinda be jerks
Like, seriously, jerks
They don't do well in snow, so skiing is out
They don't play well with others
They can't execute a decent escape, so if you're ever in trouble, you're on your own
They are lazy as all get out
They get stir-crazy easily, so goodbye to a quiet night at home
They can be super creepy when they put their minds to it (that's Shining territory right there)
They so won't care when you give them praise
They are total drama queens about every little thing
So yeah, they might be cute, but don't let that fool you! These guys are bad news