Who Is Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend Sydney Liebes?

Love: Who Is Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend Sydney Liebes?

Who is Sydney Liebes and how did she steal Robert Pattinson's heart?!

It takes a strong woman to steal Robert Pattinson away from the allure and seemingly eternal chokehold of Kristen Stewart, but one such woman exists! After R-Pattz was spotted with a "mystery brunette" on his arm, everyone knew it wouldn't be long until the world knew her name: Sydney Liebes. So who is she and how did she snag the shy, reluctant star? We have the scoop!

1. Sydney Liebes is a personal trainer.
Told you it takes a strong woman to tie R-Pattz down! Kristen Stewart met Robert Pattinson on the set of The Twilight Saga, and Sydney Liebes met Pattinson when she had to train him for his role in the upcoming film Mission: Blacklist. A source revealed to RadarOnline, "This is kind of her first big A-list client. She's trained clients at Equinox Beverly Hills but nothing of Rob's status. So she started training him and they were connecting really well. Rob invited her out."

2. She's not after fame or fortune. She likes Rob for who he is!
One of Liebes' pals admitted, "I don't think she's seeking celebrity status. We're into the whole Hollywood scene, so she easily could have done that a long time ago. She's a good girl. She's really down to earth and low-key."

3. Pattinson is already calling Liebes his girlfriend.
Pattinson brought Liebes to a party for his pal Shoshanna Bush, where he introduced her as his GF ... and they got pretty handsy! "They were kind of like snuggling together and being touchy feely," a witness revealed. "There was definitely a lot of physical interaction."

4. Like Edward Cullen, she has a tough time getting a tan!
Liebes posted a pic from the beach on Instagram explaining in hashtags, "#napsbythepool," "#andimstillextremelywhite."

5. She's still super hot, though!
Need proof? Check out her bikini pics. She's also apparently pretty flexible, so we bet R-Pattz will be one happy man.

6. Pals say she's a healthy and positive influence for Pattinson.
One of Liebes' friends explained, "Sydney is very well-rounded. Of course, she's a personal trainer, so she'll keep him in good health. And she still likes to party too, but nothing crazy. She's not a big drinker. It's definitely a great match."

7. Her looks have been compared to Pippa Middleton and ... wait for it ... Kristen Stewart. Oh boy!
A friend said, "Sydney kind of looks like Kristen, but she's not at all like her. She's down to earth, really energetic, uplifting, whereas Kristen is so somber and tomboyish." Geez, tell us how you really feel!

8. She has something else in common with Kristen Stewart.
Neither Liebes nor Stewart ever confirmed dating Pattinson (except, well, after Stewart was caught cheating on him with her married director, Rupert Sanders.) A pal of Liebes explained, "She's excited about Rob, but at the same time she's keeping it really quiet." Liebes herself sweetly declined to comment on her relationship to the press, telling tabs, "I don't have a comment, thank you."


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