Dating An Android User? Here's What You Need To Know

Dating An Android User? Here's What You Need To Know
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... especially if you're an iPhone-obsessed gal.

The iPhone and Android have been enemies since, well, since smartphones were a thing. But just because you're raving over the new iOs7 and he keeps bragging how his Samsung Galaxy has a massive screen doesn't mean you're not compatible, right?

Are there actually differences between smartphone users? Well in honor of the new iPhone release, our friends at Coffee Meets Bagel created an infographic on iPhone users v. Android users based on a recent survey they conducted — and it looks like the pair could be a dating a disaster.

Here are three things you need to know about dating an Android dude.

1. They're Younger

Cougars, take note! Android lovers are more likely to be younger fellas. Age 34 and below, to be exact. Roar.

2. They're Not Exactly World Travelers

While you, an iPhone-addicted gal, are a globetrotter (you're 50 percent more likely to have visited more than five countries), him? Not so much. He's 71 percent more likely to have never been overseas.

3. They Want To Go Look At Puppies With You

Okay, don't quote me on that. But if you're dying to go to the puppy shop and watch some doggies run around and play, chances are he'll probably come with. Why? Droid users are 12 percent more likely to be pet lovers.

4. He'll Less Likely To Be A College Grad

Dreaming of marrying a doctor? May want to stick to an iPhone user. According to the study, droid users are 80 percent more likely to only have a high school diploma.

5. He Won't Talk Unless He Has Something To Say

Don't expect your date to be a chatterbox. Android users are 12 percent more likely to be introverted. Where as you're 14 percent more likely to be extroverted. I mean, they do say opposites attract, right?

Learn more from the infographic below.


By Coffee Meets Bagel

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