Is New 'Today Show' Host Carson Daly Planning A Wedding?

Love: Is New 'Today Show' Host Carson Daly Planning A Wedding?

Exclusive! Carson also shares his thoughts on Adam Levine's engagement and fiancé Behati Prinsloo.

How much does Carson Daly love hosting The Voice?

"It's a show that I'd do on a cable network for peanuts. Great music in prime time! The fact that it happens to be this high profile is gravy," he tells YourTango, adding his excitement that original coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green have rejoined Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for the show's fifth season this fall.

But his career—which now boasts a fresh new gig on the Today show as a digital studio host/social media correspondent—pales in importance to his family, which includes girlfriend Siri Pinter, son Jackson, 4½, and daughter, Etta, 1.

YourTango: You've got two kids now. How have they changed your life?

Carson Daly: They're my highest priority. I lost my dad when I was young, when I was five, around the same age my son is now, so I'm hypersensitive to my time with my kids. It comes before any job.

YourTango: What does fatherhood mean to you?

Carson Daly: Everything. I feel like I have a purpose now after years of living like a vagabond. I care about a lot of things I didn't used to care about. It's put my work life in perspective. It's the best.

YourTango: So ... getting married any time soon?

Carson Daly: Eventually, yeah. We haven't really made any plans yet. We're really all about being together. In this age of the modern family, the road looks different now than it did to our parents. We just want to be together forever.

YourTango: How has having kids changed your relationship?

Carson Daly: You're committed—there's a bond right there. You have kids, you live together … we talk about a third child more than a wedding day. We see it differently than most people, historically or traditionally, but it works for us.

YourTango: Adam Levine just got engaged. Did you offer him any relationship advice?

Carson Daly: No, but if he asked me I would give him some. The best thing any of us can do for our friends, and Adam is a good friend of mine, is to lead by example. He's a smart guy. He's at a good age and he's got a great girl. He believes in her and he took a great leap of faith that's hard for a lot of guys to do, especially him. She's a wonderful girl and we're happy for him.


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