One Direction's Zayn Malik Is Engaged! Who's His Fiancée?

Love: One Direction's Zayn Malik Is Engaged! Who's His Fiancée?

Is there another love song in 1D's future?

It's official! One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik is off the market. News broke after Perrie Edwards, his girlfriend of almost a year and a half and singer for the band Little Mix, arrived at the This Is Us premiere in the U.K. Tuesday night wearing a stunning new piece of jewelry on her ring finger.

The 20-year-old singers, who met in December 2011 but didn't begin dating until April 2012, documented their relationship to fans with adorable Instagram photos, including the one that confirmed their new relationship status. When the lovebirds moved in together in February of this year, it was a clear sign that their relationship was getting serious. Malik reportedly waited for the perfect moment to pop the question, choosing a weekend away from their busy touring schedles. And ever the gentleman, he made sure to ask her mother's permission before getting down on one knee this past Sunday.

Various interviews with Edwards' mom revealed that the lovebirds will probably wait until 2014 or 2015 to walk down the aisle, citing their busy schedules. "I mean obviously they've got so much to do . . . One Direction are doing so much and Little Mix are the same, they're out of the country most the time doing their promotion for this, that and the other, so it's just unbelievable." 

Aside from the fact that the future Mrs. Malik is a blonde beauty, what else do we know about her? Here are the important details:

1. She's a singer, too! Edwards helms the British all-girl band Little Mix.

2. Little Mix and 1D have similar origin stories. Just as One Direction was born on the British version of The X Factor, so was Little Mix. The group was originally formed as Rhythmix, also on X Factor, but changed their name to Little Mix through the course of the show. Her four-member ensemble has even been called the next "Spice Girls". High honors for the young quartet.

3. They met on TV. The X Factor can take credit for more than the start of their successful careers in pop music—the show also brought the two singers together! Malik and Edwards met and began dating in December 2011 after One Direction made an appareance during Little Mix's season on the show. The two didn't make their relationship official until April 2012.

4. An engagement ring wasn't Malik's first gesture of love. The 1D star shocked his then-girlfriend when he got a tattoo of her on his arm earlier this year. When asked about it recently she told OMG!, "Yeah, it's a cartoon version of me so it's a little caricature so it's cool."

5. She's not destined to break up the band. It may be easy to compare Edwards to another woman from British pop history who broke up a mega-popular guy group. From the sounds of it though, Edwards is the farthest thing from Yoko Ono. Members of both One Direction and Little Mix are happy for the newly-engaged couple.


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