Sexter To Songwriter: Sydney Leathers Has A Song In The Works

Anthony Weiner: Sydney Leathers Is Writing A Song

Quasi famous? Adam Barta has probably written a song about you.

If you are hip to YouTube sensations, you have probably heard of Adam Barta. He writes songs about American treasures such as tan mom, Octomom and now Weinergate scandal star, Sydney Leathers. According to Buzzfeed, Leathers and Barta are writing a song appropriately titled "Weinerizer", a spoof to Britney Spears' "Womanizer."

This should come as a shock to no one as Leathers is angry with her ex-sext partner, trying to squeeze her 15 minutes of fame and possibly pursuing a career in porn in her future.

Teaming up with Barta, who described in his bio as "more than just another pop voice on the scene," we can only expect the best right?

Check out the full article and see Adam Barta's music videos on Huffington Post Weird NewsAdam Barta Wants To Sing A Song With Sydney Leathers, Every Other Pseudo-Celebrity

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