The Royal Baby's Name Is Announced: Prince George Alexander Louis

The Royal Baby's Name Is Announced: Prince George Alexander Louis

Will and Kate's little man is the first Prince of Cambridge in 194 years.

Once Kate Middleton admitted herself to the hospital to deliver a future heir, Prince William (and the rest of the world) remained by her side for the next 11 hours of labor. On Monday, we learned the royal baby's sex (it's a boy!), weight (8 pounds, 6 ounces), and moments ago the GreatKateWait officially ended with a tweet.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis," Clarence House announced. "The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge." 

Here are 19 other royal baby facts from the past 24 whirlwird hours: 

  1. Showing off her blue bundle of joy for the first time outside St. Mary's Hospital in London, Kate Middleton paid tribute to the late Princess Diana by copying the polka dot dress her late mother-in-law wore when introducing a newborn William to the world.
  2. Kate's blue polka dot Jenny Packham dress was purchased prior to delivery. Whether she also owns a pink version is unknown.
  3. The number of newborns yet to be named has increased in England—parents either want to copy or avoid the royal name. Breaking news: It's George!
  4. Will and Kate were under a deadline; the royal baby's name must be registered with the Westminster registry office in the next 41 days. But they sped up royal tradition: Grandpa Charles Phillip Arthur George was announced after a month, while dad William Arthur Phillip Louis was announced after a week.
  5. Place your bets! Bookies favored George as the new prince's name, closely followed by James.
  6. George has met the family. Michael and Carole Middleton broke protocol and arrived at St. Mary's Hospital yesterday in a blue London taxi, while Prince Charles and wife Camilla pulled up in a Jaguar.
  7. The Queen and Uncle Harry met the little guy at Kensington Palace, where George spent his first night at home.
  8. Dad Prince William drove his family home from the hospital in his black Range Rover.
  9. Where is Baby Cambridge now? At Grandma Middleton's in Bucklebury, Kate's home village.
  10. Carole Middleton will play a unique role in bringing up the future monarch, as Kate does not have plans to hire a full-time nanny.
  11. Prince Charles' visit marked the first time three heirs to the throne have been in one place since 1894.
  12. Who makes hospital calls? Kate's hairdresser. Her secret weapon/stylist was spotted at St. Mary's prior to the world thinking, 'Damn she looks good for just having a baby.'
  13. This morning was a different story. While driving to her parents' home with Prince George, Kate's hair was pulled back into a ponytail. 
  14. Is Kate Middleton taking baby fashion tips from Victoria Beckham? The cozy cashmere blanket used for the prince's first outing is the same Posh's daughter Harper snuggled in back in 2011.
  15. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dedicated an enclosure at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo to the prince.
  16. As well, a $10,000 Australian donation will be made on the prince's behalf to save the endangered bilby, a rabbit-like marsupial.
  17. The British press are still burning with royal baby fever. The Sun became The Son for the day, The Daily Mail devoted 20-pages to the birth, and The Times put out a souvenir edition.
  18. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy even extended their congratulations to the royals!
  19. Data from YouGov revealed that almost nine in 10 (88 percent) of Twitter users in the UK read about the royal baby's birth in their Twitter feeds, beating out previous news events such as the death of Margaret Thatcher (85.5%), and Andy Murray winning Wimbledon (85.4%).

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