Sexy Ladies! Taylor Swift & Miranda Lambert's CMT Style

Flirt Worthy Looks: Taylor Swift & Miranda Lambert's CMT Style

'Gossip Girl's' Eric Daman gives Taylor and her country crew style advice for tonight's CMT Awards.

Yee-haw, ya'll!

Tonight, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and the rest of country music's hottest stars will light up the 2013 CMT Awards. Now, listen up, ladies! To avoid walking home with a bunch of sweet titles but landing on a dreaded Worst Dressed list tomorrow, we elicited fashion advice for you from Emmy award winning costume designer Eric Daman. You may recognize his work from years styling the cast of Gossip Girl and now The Carrie Diaries.

Smart fashion advice is universal, so incorporate Eric's flirty suggestions for Taylor, sexy push for Miranda, and surprising ideas for Carrie into your next date night outfit: 

TAYLOR SWIFT: Lighten up, baby.

Eric Daman: I remember during award season she wore that brown dress, and I was like, 'Why is she wearing a brown dress?' So, something not brown.  She always does age appropriate, but I feel like recently she's been going a little too old for her age. I think if she brought it back and did something baby doll shape or empire waist that had a bit of flirt to it, it could be really fun. I think keeping it in a lighter color would be really nice, something feminine, not so structured and more whimsical and girly.

MIRANDA LAMBERT: Warning, curves ahead.

Eric Daman: I think she should do something a little more structured and maybe a little body con; kind of, you know, show off her figure a little bit. Maybe in a bright color. There are a lot of great colors going on right now. I think something with a bit of a punch would be really fun, and I do think something a little body con cut out would be really great on her.


Eric Daman: I'd like to see her a little more elegant. I could see her almost in like a men's tuxedo, kind of Yves Saint Laurent inspired thing. Keep it a little more tailored. It's a very different look for her, but I think she could pull it off. She's very Cinderella, and I think it would be nice and a little ah-ha moment for a lot of people. I think fashion press would kind of take her seriously. She could really be a fashion icon. Change it up.

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