'Bro Code' ... According To Ben Affleck & Kanye West

Friend Love: Ben Affleck & Kanye West Explain Bro Code In GIFs!

Yeezy and Ben explain the meaning of bro code ... through GIFs.

Kanye West and Ben Affleck will take over Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it's going to be insane. Aside from their multitudes of myriad awards for music and movies, respectively, the duo are each infamous for what goes on in their personal lives. We're not talking about their highly publicized romances (Bennifer and Kimye love, anyone?), but rather their highly publicized bromances. Kanye West and Jay-Z and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are some of the most famous bromances in pop culture history, so to celebrate their SNL performances, we've rounded up Yeezy and Ben's best lessons in Bro Code.

A good bro will never let you drunk dial an ex. Never!

And a true bro won't let you dance like this in front of a woman. Any woman:

Or spew creepy lines like this:

Nor will he tolerate you taking home someone whose girls are located here:

Would a good bro date his bro's sister? Let's ask Ye.

Oh, really? What if your bro is Rob Kardashian?

A good bro will celebrate like this when you sleep with the hottest girl at the bar: 

And maybe even give you one of these:

Perhaps even throw a "Tap That Booty" parade in your honor:

Because, you know the saying, it's bros before hoes. Right, Yeezy?


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