What Will It Take To End India's Rape Epidemic?

woman sad by window

After another horrifying rape, here's what needs to be changed.

After another horrifying rape in India, this time a 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, many wonder where the country is headed. Will there ever be an end in sight?

As people protest and point fingers at politicans, Dilip D'Souza of The Daily Beast tackles the root of the violence facing the country, arguing that it's the mindsets in the country that needs to be changed.

He writes: It's the attitudes that permit a grown man to believe he can rape a 5-year-old and insert objects into her vagina. It's what allows cops to imagine an acceptable response to this outrage is to offer the family 2,000 rupees — less than 40 American dollars — to go away, along with the reminder that they should "be grateful your daughter is alive." It’s what governs the thinking of judges who, in deciding rape cases, advise the woman to marry the man.

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