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The Most Popular Sex Toys for Men


Sex Toys aren't just for women are they? Men do not lose out in the sex toy stakes.

Vibrators and dildos provide women with replicas of men’s bits, with some even replicating famous porn stars’wood.

While there are plenty of options to choose between for women who know what they want sexually, men do not lose out in the sex toy stakes. From handy, compact devices which mimic the sensation of skin-on-skin to men’s vibrators and prostate massagers, there is something to meet the needs of every sexual type. The Fleshlight is a toy that has gained huge popularity with men who want to experience all the sensations of sex, even when having a solitary good time.

The name derives from the appearance of these soft and pleasurable toys – from the outside, the device is shaped to look like an ordinary fleshlight, but inside there is an exact replica of a vagina and a removable insert for quick and easy cleaning. As with women’s sex toys, several Fleshlight designs are moulded to the shape of famous porn stars’ privates, making many men’s porn star fantasies almost reality.

A soft sex toy which feels every inch like the real thing is already an arousing proposition, but a device which also has a vibrating function adds extra pleasure. The great thing about some devices is that they also enlarge, making a reasonably-sized package look that much more impressive. While designs which mimic vaginas in both appearance and feel are extremely popular, many men like a device which adds extra size regardless of its appearance.
Because the prostate is an intense erogenous zone, some men enjoy anal sex toys.

A leave-in toy such as a butt plug leaves the man free to pleasure his lover without her having to do all the work. While hygiene is important when using any sex toy, it is especially important when trying out rear action. A pre-packaged douche is vital for keeping things clean. While men into the kinkier side of things enjoy butt plugs and other anal sex toys, the average man prefers things that are more familiar, so it’s best to make certain that introducing anal toys will excite rather than alarm!


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