'Ready For Love' Matchmakers' Tips For Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

Exclusive! These celebrity besties are about to receive some unsolicited dating advice.

Raise your hand if you felt surprised by John Mayer and Katy Perry's recent split.

Bueller. Bueller.

"I just said, 'I don't even understand it,'" Amber Kelleher-Andrews—a professional matchmaker for the past 17 years with expertise playing Cupid for the famous crowd—tells YourTango about being asked about the couple back when they were, you know, a couple. "I just felt that it was an unusual pairing, even with the obvious. We know he's player, we know they're both singers … But aside from that, I just really didn't understand where the connection was."

Kelleher-Andrews, along with fellow love finders Tracy McMillan and Matthew Hussey, makes her reality TV dating competition debut tonight on NBC's Ready for Love. Hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic and executive produced by Eva Longoria, these three matchmakers work with three bachelors and 36 single women to find the one.

But before we see her handy work with Dallas financier Ben Patton, Plain White T's member Tim Lopez, and Miami-based bachelor and entrepreneur Ernesto Argüello, Kelleher-Andrews continues her words of wisdom for the now-single "Firework" singer.

"I think it would be really smart of Katy Perry to probably just not date anybody for a while … And the chronic daters out there are getting less and less popular in my opinion. If she was to come to me and say, 'Well, where do you think I should go next?' I would say, 'You know, you need to not need anybody for quite some time' … It's very hard to keep these relationships going when these people are so in demand. How do you possibly find time for a relationship? Katy Perry is probably one of the most in demand people that we have right now in pop culture."

Same can be said for pal Taylor Swift, who's currently embarked on her RED Tour. Should she give up British boy banders for good? "She's very young. Do we expect Taylor Swift to get into a long-term marriage type relationship at 22? I don't think so," relationship author Tracy McMillan tells us. "I feel like she's doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing. She's dating different kinds of guys, and she's trying to figure [out], 'What do I like?'"

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