Ryan Seacrest Reveals 'The Best Part of Every Day'

Ryan Seacrest

The best part of Ryan Seacrest's day isn't his radio show, 'American Idol' or the Kardashians.

As one of the busiest men in Hollywood, 38-year-old Ryan Secrest isn't bragging about all of his jobs, but about the most important thing in his life—love. So, will he be giving girlfriend Julianne Hough, 24, a ring anytime soon?

Seacrest was on Chelsea Lately promoting American Idol but couldn't help but promote his love for his girlfriend. Who doesn't like a two-time Dancing With The Stars pro-champ turned actress who has one of the best bodies and smiles around? Handler started his gushing when she referred to his girfriend of two and a half years a "great girl." While we like her movies, her dance moves get us the most (have you seen Footloose)?

Seacrest went on to admit to Handler, "She's phenomenal. She's the best part of everyday." We think his postive nature and his great outlook and respect for his girlfriend keep them together in such a beautiful relationship! These two know how to have success in love and in life. Seacrest and Hough want a family together. Seacrest joked that [Hough] would be the first one to know when it's marrying time—wait, not E!?

SeHough is promoting her film Safe Haven which opens on Valentines Day, but we know that Seacrest will be hers. She once said in an interview she was lucky to be dating "her first celebrity crush!"

Tell us: Do you think Ryan & Julianne should tie the knot?

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