Crazy Blind Dates: Would You Go On One?

couple with bags over their head

Happy Love Is Blind Day! Now, go on a last-minute date with a stranger.

Wondering why your OKCupid picture is blacked out? No, it wasn't your hair. Today, is actually Love is Blind Day!

In honor of OKCupid's new mobile app, Crazy Blind Date, the dating site removed every single one of the ten million photos from the site to enourage users to make choices based on conversation and not looks.

Crazy Blind Date (aka the stranger-arranger) aims to eliminate the waiting period involved in setting up a date with an online match. With the app, meetups are set up with only a few hours' notice — and you know nothing about them. It's a modernized date planner for the single guy or gal on-the-go.

You simply choose which nights you want to go on dates, select your favorite bar or coffee shop and the app selects a match based on sexual preference and geolocation. If you enjoy your date, you can purchase Crazy Blind Date credits, called “Kudos,” to give your match higher priority for being assigned to future dates.

A hassle-free date set up on your smartphone sounds like it could be the spontaneous single person's dream — and a bit, well, crazy. But, with only a few hours' notice, is there even any time to realize how adventurous this is?

What do you think? Would you leave it up to OKCupid to take the place of your friends and relatives and set up a last-minute blind date for you?

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