The New Year's Resolution That's So Good, It's Worth Repeating

new year's resolutions 2013
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Why my New Year's resolution is to make 2013 another resolution-free year.

At this time last year, I made a very ambitious decision for 2012: I vowed not to change a thing

Seven months into motherhood, and inspired by an article that suggested readers resist the mad dash to "New Year, New You" themselves, I decided to be content with who I was. Of course, who I am is someone who is always learning, growing, and gaining new perspectives. I just wasn't going to make any grand statements about being more like this or less like that.

How did it work out?

Surprisingly well, actually. Despite not resolving myself to do it, last January I started dropping all of those pesky post-baby pounds that tend to stay around when you're breastfeeding, tired and hungry all the time. I focused on eating even better, and moving a little more. I did want to shed some weight, but I didn't put any time limits or weight loss goals in place. I just wanted to feel content with the way I looked come summer. And what do you know? I did. I even wore a bikini on the beach—once (it's not an easy task when you're tending to a toddler).

The difference is that I didn't start from a place of deficit but acceptance. Of letting things just be a little more. This attitude shift helped me to surrender control, to just let things go.

The other big change that my 2012 non-resolution produced? I learned to stop nagging my husband. Really. As I wrote about on YourTango last winter, the transition didn't happen overnight. But it's been nearly a year now. And the really beautiful part about it? Not nagging results in a more productive partner and less conflict between us. Win-win. My husband has taken a more proactive role in many tasks around the home, and even when I do have to ask nicely, it rarely results in an argument. Keep reading ...

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