Exclusive! Wendy Williams On Love, Sex & The New Season!

Wendy Williams Exclusive

The daytime TV talk show host talks her marriage, romance, and of course, what's next for the show.

Your favorite daytime TV host is back! The Wendy Williams Show premiered season four on September 10, so we got to sit down with Wendy who filled us in on what's coming up! Season four includes a new studio, a 'tweet and greet' segment for Wendy to connect with fans, an embrace on many new topics and many more guests! Wendy has been called a "breakthrough in daytime" by The New York Times. Her show's been renewed by Fox through 2014, and we could not be more excited. So, we wanted to hear all about it and all about what Wendy had to say about love, relationships, and of course — Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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1. What are you currently working on? Do you have any exciting news to share?
The new season has started. We’ve extended ‘hot topics,’ which our 'Wendy Watchers' love! Last Friday, we did our first round-table discussion, a wrap-up of the week’s topics. It was a little loud, a little messy, but that’s our show!

2. What's your favorite romantic movie and love song?
Ahh, I’m not really a romance movie kind of girl! For me, it’s not about the movie, it’s about the scene. I like scenes with strong women, who pull up their boots and get back out there! As for love song, when they come on, I change the radio station! 16 Love Songs That Were Written For *VERY* Famous Women

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I think that you can find someone attractive at first sight, but love comes from within so I’d have to say no!

4. What is a key requirement for someone you're dating or married to?
Communication is one – it’s not a cliché, it’s truly needed. Also, you need passion! Make sure that no matter how long you’ve been together, the passion is still here. I can still look across the table and think ‘damn, my man looks hot.’ So, it’s important to keep yourself put together!

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