5 Reasons We Love Christian Bale As Batman

Christian Bale and wife The Dark Knight Rises
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As we get ready for 'The Dark Knight Rises,' we explain why the actor is our favorite Bruce Wayne.

The latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises has our favorite prince, er, we mean Batman yet, played by Christian Bale. The 38-year-old Swedish-born actor comes from a long line of creativity and intelligence. His father was an activist and his mother a circus dancer, thus he was constantly on the move as a child.

Famously, the Bale we know now loves to dodge people's questions. He's dark, mysterious and complicated – just like the Gotham hero he portrays. More than all the others who've come before him, we love Christian Bale as Batman because:

1. He's serious about the role. Christian Bale brings a darker meaning to Batman than ever before. When he first tried on the suit during the audition process, it was the 1995 edition that belonged to Val Kilmer. He asked for twenty minutes alone in it in order to consider what he was going to become. Now that he is set to release the last film, he admits he followed suit when filming his very last scene. He told Parade magazine: "(I) realized 'This is it.' So again, I asked if they could please leave me alone for 20 minutes. I felt real proud that we achieved what we had set out to. (This character) changed my life and changed my career and I just wanted to appreciate that." Love Bytes: What His Favorite Superhero Says About Him

2. He's done his homework. Bale knows the origins of the comic book character and that Batman matters. He told Parade, "I do find the man that I play, although he's certainly in the superhero pantheon, is the most questionable of superheroes as he doesn't have special powers whatsoever. I think the others may well question his legitimacy to be a member of the club." We can tell he has thought long and hard about his role as Batman. Maybe it's the fact he isn't a typical superhero that makes him more tangible (and sexy) to all of us.

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