Do We Judge Our Dates By Their Shoes?

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New study reveals we can tell more than we thought about someone's personality by their shoes.

Personally, I always knew that you could tell a whole lot about a person by just looking at their shoes. Dirty, beat-up Vans? Not dating that guy, or even touching him with any sort of length of pole. I'm glad that what I always knew has now finally been proven by science.

A team of researchers at the University of Kansas found that when it came to accurately judging a person on their shoes, people are right 90 percent of the time. They were correctly able to predict factors such as age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotions — and even personality traits. 

Although some of what was discovered was pretty obvious, like expensive shoes belong to the moneymakers and flashy shoes belong to extroverts, there were some surprising results too. For example, those who wear ankle boots tend to have more aggressive personalities, while spotless shoes belong to people with "attachment anxiety" who are usually overly worried about their relationships. So strange, isn't it? 

Other more obvious findings were flip flops belonging to liberal, hippy types (seriously, someone get these people some proper shoes), and if you rock a boring pair, then you don't care what people think of you. Keep in mind that this doesn't make you a rebel, it just means you're indifferent.

After reading this study, I looked at my gigantic shoe collection and wondered how the world sees me. From Sperrys to Chucks to Oxfords to wedges, I'm sort of all over the place. But I'm grateful I'm not a dirty hippie, a bore, a flamboyant extrovert or someone who is too concerned with their relationship. I'm not sure what I am. A little bit of everything, perhaps? Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be a particular type of shoe that declared someone as a self-involved bitch, because that's probably the category I'd be put in if it existed. Hey, just being honest.

When deciding whether to date him, do you judge a man by his shoes? Do you think men ever judge us by our shoes?

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