3 Reasons We Can't Wait To See "The Great Gatsby"

Scene still from The Great Gatsby

The new trailer has us anxiously awaiting the famous book's debut on the big screen!

Leonardo DiCaprio is on a roll lately with all the fantastic movies he's starring in. His next flick that has us eager to hit the movie theater with a big tub of popcorn? The Great Gatsby, of course. Watch 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer: What Do You Think?

The film's trailer was just released earlier this week (check it out here), and it left us drooling over all the clothes, glitz, and the amazing soundtrack. But, those aren't the only reasons we're psyched to see this flick when it hits theaters on December 25!

Here are three more:

1. The book is truly a classic. Sure, it was required reading in high school, but for many of us, The Great Gatsby was a formative book (even if we were forced to read it). Who didn't fall in love with the roaring 20s after finishing this F. Scott Fitzgerald classic? Seeing it come to life in a contemporary yet authentic way has us excited to pull out our old copies of the novel, dust them off and remember what it was we loved about the story the first time around. After all, we need something to hold us over until the movie comes out this Christmas!

2. It's from the director of Romeo and Juliet & Moulin Rouge. The genius behind these two stunning films, Baz Luhrmann, is also the director of Gatsby. His films have that unique, contemporary edge, which heightens them visually and cinematically unlike anything else currently in theaters. Luhrmann knocked it out of the park with Leo once before in Romeo and Juliet, and we know he'll do it again this time around. Plus, he has a stellar ear for matching perfect modern music with time-period settings. 10 Most Romantic Love Quotes From Movies

3. Leo looks as handsome as ever as Jay Gatsby. Pure excess is what marks Jay Gatsby's character – even down to his clothing. He owns more shirts than any man we can think of, and we totally love how Leo pulls off his character's polished, wealthy appearance. Sure, he's a great actor, but we're not ashamed to say Leo has been eye candy for us since his Growing Pains days. Throw him in a perfectly tailored suit and a bow tie with a cigarette in hand, and we're smitten.

Tell us: are you as excited as we are to see The Great Gatsby?

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