Prince Harry & Ex Chelsy Davy: Hooking Up Again?

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry

A source claims the Prince is going back to the blonde for another go.

Will Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy be able to make it work now that they're a bit older and still as gorgeous?

A source tells Us Weekly that the on-and-off lovebirds are dating again. If you recall, the Prince, 27, and Davy, 26, broke up back in 2009 after 5 years together. However, Harry's ex did attend the royal wedding last year, and she also was spotted out at the London Club with him in December. Classy Prince Harry Hits On Women The Right Way

The inside source explains of their current situation: "They're not dating again, but they are seeing each other. There's definitely a romantic connection still. They will never be 'just friends' – both of them admit that's impossible." 

The two just cannot seem to stay away from each other, which perhaps means they were meant to be. A second source tells the magazine that Davy has just finished her law training at Allen & Overy in London, and has landed a pretty fabulous position there making $97,000 a year. Chelsy Davy Doesn't Want To Be A Princess

The source says, "If Harry can stay in London for a while then he has a good chance of being back on with Chelsy, but she doesn't like it when he has to go away for months on end." The source makes the point that "it's easier to be apart than together and pining for someone you can't see."

We want to see this couple together again. Do you?

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