What's In Store For Prince William & Kate Middleton In Year Two?

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

The royal couple have an anniversary of wedded bliss under their belts. What comes next?

The world held their breaths as Prince William and Kate Middleton said, "I do." Now, with one year behind them, we can't help but wonder – what's next for the royal couple whose nuptials had the world on their toes?

Looks like the former astrologer to Princess Diana, Penny Thornton, is in no way worried about the pair. Based on what she told People, it looks like she's very convinced that the couple is in total sync for year two of their marriageDo Prince William & Kate Middleton Have A Boring Married Life?

"You couldn't have put the astrological symbols in a better place," Thornton tells the mag, referencing the compatibility of the Duchess of Cambridge and her Prince's astrological signs (Capricorn and Cancer, respectively). 

What's more, Thornton believes both Kate and William will come into their own and their very important roles in the royal family. "It's all about re-establishing the popularity of the monarchy and they will continue with that," she says.

There is definitely a lot of expectation and high hopes for Kate as she is positioned as an overall icon, poised and ready for her position. "She might not have been born royal, but she is what the royal family needs and she is the great hope for the monarchy," Thornton adds.

Meanwhile, William will have very big decisions on his plate and having Kate by his side will mean a lot. "He wants to make it relevant to the people, in many ways echoing the spirit of his mother."

Sure, everyone has been ALL about the pair having kids, but we're thinking that they may want to get a bit more comfortable in their roles before having a mini-royal. That said, we don't think it will be all that much longer, either. Is Duchess Kate Middleton Too Skinny To Have A Baby Right Now?

We can't wait for what comes next and we're confident it'll be good. It's true that the royal couple has made headlines for their every move, even before the wedding. But, now that they have a year of marriage under their belts, they'll have time to focus on the future of the monarchy – a challenge that they seem to be ready for!

No pressure, of course. 

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