Not Getting Enough Sex In Your Marriage? Talk About it Now!

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If your marriage is losing its steam and you're having less sex than you used to, talk about it.

One of the least talked about problems a marriage may face is also one of the most urgent ones. According to a poll done a few years ago, over 10% of married couples are living in a sexless marriage. How many of them actively talk about and take action to correct it is unclear.

I'm here to tell you that if the frequency of sex in your marriage has dwindled you should take action sooner rather than later. This is an issue that you need to solve proactively and not just wait for it to solve itself.


The are a number of reasons why urgent action is prudent:

1. This could be a medical issue - a loss of sex drive can be a symptom of a variety of health conditions and a side-effect of a diverse range of medication. Whether it is you who is experiencing a low sex drive or whether it is your spouse's libido which is missing-in-action, you should consult a doctor to make sure that you're not suffering from any adverse condition.

If this is a physical problem, only a doctor would be able to treat it.

2. This isn't likely to go away - I've had contact with a lot of people who live in a sexless marriage. Some of them haven't had regular sex for over 10 years. That's right, over a decade!

What this shows you is that waiting is not a good option. You can literally wait your life away.

Before this lack of sex turns into a habit (and becomes much harder to reverse), you need to openly discuss this with your spouse. You need to be honest, sincere, express your feelings, and be ready to take action even if he or she don't seem too enthusiastic about it.

Remember, you deserve intimacy, caring, physical affection and sex.

3. This may lead to separation or an affair - While some people continue to live in a marriage devoid of passion for years, some couples simply split up. The tension lack of sex causes in a relationship can lead to affairs and divorce. It is much better to be open about your feelings and not wait for the sky to fall.

The solution lies in open and honest communication. Talk to your spouse and make him or her understand that you need to things to change. If the love is still there, I'm sure that you will be able to come to a solution together.