"she'll remember..." ~D. Yoakam


9/11 and a possible spotting...

9/11 has me thinking about my lost love and all those other loves that never got found on that sad day 10 years ago.  I saw something on TV about how like over 1,000 remains have never been identified.  007 was always about the 9/11 stuff...got a degree in it, etc.  I wonder what today makes him think about and if life is so short and can end so unexpectedly, why don't more people actually live it instead of just going through the motions?  Ha ~  instead of the road less traveled its the life less lived.

So on top of today's events is a possible spotting at the red box up at HEB last night.  I saw what looked like him (by the posterior), surveying the choices.  Cute butt, ugly shirt, a stance like he was making a command decision.

I thought about the punch in the face that he so has coming, the fact that what I think and feel is totally irrelavent in his life and mine, and that a year later it just doesn't really matter anymore.  I am a prisoner of my position, whether its my parents car or my own mansion on the mountain.  Its like old coffee, bitter and bad tasting in the mouth. 

Time waits for no man (and no impossible mission).