Colin Farrell Says Kissing All Of His Hot Co-Stars Is "Great"

Colin Farrell

But the fact that they get paid to do it creeps him out. A little.

Oh boy, is it hard to be Colin Farrell these days.

He gets to star in major Hollywood films, make-out with the hottest young actresses around, and is paid millions to do it! Our hats off to you, Mr. Farrell, for taking a job many men... would kill for!

Recently, Farrell came clean about his feelings regarding on-screen kissing. The 35-year-old told Female First, "Kissing is lovely, so any time I get to kiss someone, that's great." Colin Farrell And Salma Hayek Making Out?

He would say that — he's had the opportunity to press his lips against some of the most successful and beautiful actresses in Hollywood. In 2010's London Boulevard, the actor had a steamy make-out scene with Keira Knightley. In The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, he got to roll around with 23-year-old English model/actress, Lily Cole. And in Ondine, he shared a passionate lip-lock with Polish babe, Alicja Bachleda... and also removed her clothing.

"When the clothes start coming off, though, that's when it can get a bit uncomfortable," Farrell admits. "And then what do you fall back on? Humour. That's what we do as human beings don't we? We laugh, we joke, we try to poke fun at an embarrassing situation. But there's never been a bad day at the office."

It seems Farrell must have told some pretty endearing jokes in between takes for Ondine, as he and Bacheleda later had a baby together shortly after filming wrapped (they dated for one year, but have since split). Hmm... so exactly how much of that on-screen stuff was acting, and how much was real attraction?

Probably a bit of both. As Farrell says, "It's always strange to kiss someone when you know they're getting paid to kiss you back. That's the most simple, mathematical way to put it." Rihanna Hooking Up With Ryan Phillippe, Sexting Colin Farrell...

Sure, his ego probably doesn't like the fact, but it's still enjoyable whilst in mid-kiss, and it sounds like Farrell hasn't had much to complain about. We're pretty sure all actors probably feel the same about having to kiss someone on-screen, especially if they're young and beautiful. So we'll thank Colin Farrell for pointing out the obvious.

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