Role playing – Add Character to Your Relationships


We’ve all fantasised about our favourite hot celebrity – so why not bring them into the bedroom?

So you’ve been together for a while, and the bedroom is becoming less of a hot spot and more of a rest stop. Maybe it’s time to add a little adventure. A third player definitely isn’t on the cards. While vibrators are great, someone to play with is better. And though you do occasionally – ok possibly more than occasionally – fantasise about Brad Pitt in Troy, you are completely faithful and will not find yourself a Pitt look alike. But what if you could have that Brad Pitt scenario, without cheating? No it’s not just pepping up your fantasies or taking in the more R-rated version of the movie. It’s much simpler; it’s creating your own Brad Pitt – through role playing!

Yes, it sounds a little awkward. And having the conversation, or proposing the option to your husband is positively cringe-worthy. Picture it...’so how about you put on a leather skirt, kill a monster and we get it on?’ But after you get past the blushing, the stammering and the muttering, and into the ideas and bringing your fantasies to life, you are setting yourself up for possibly the best sex of you’ll ever have.
So where do you get started?

1. One step at a time

Let’s be honest, you both have fantasies. You don’t have to say who they are about, or what movie star is the focus, but you definitely have certain scenarios that get the blood pumping and really work for you. Before getting hot and heavy into the role playing, why not just start with a few stories – make the most of both your vivid imaginations. Set up your room so it’s dim, comfortable and a great environment to get intimate, and share some of your fantasies, in intricate detail, with each other. You’d be surprised at just how well you both respond.

2. Start simple

Once you’ve shared some stories and started to get to know how they work on each other, what your combined interests are, and what really gets both of you in the mood, start to bring them to life. Keep it simple and don’t go into too much detail. Don’t be afraid of having a giggle or losing character – this is early stages. Set up your basic scenario, and then adlib your way through it. Close your eyes if you need to, and let your mind wander and take you deep into the fantasy.
3. Get adventurous
Once you become more comfortable with role playing the scenarios, start to get more adventurous and add in new and different scenarios. Don’t let anything get stale. Think about your deepest darkest thoughts, and start to bring them to life.

4. Get real

Taking it to the next level, means introducing a bit of production. Props, costumes and scenery allow you to really get in touch with character, require less imagination and are a lot of fun. Consider sex toys, specially created costumes – you can buy these from sex shops – and even adding little props like candles to simulate stars, or a cool shower as a secret waterfall in the middle of the forest.

5. On location

Finally, when you have a night off from the kids, take it on location. Forget what it’s like to be picked up in a bar? Head out separately, and let him try his luck with you at a pub and then whisk you off to his bachelor pad (hotel room) where he shows you a night of passion like no other!