Katherine Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Her Dad's Affair

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The governor's daughter speaks out about how her father's scandal has altered her life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair with his maid, Mildred Baena, made him a media megastar overnight. But unfortunately, his actions also made his wife and kids the center of attention. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Split After 25 Years

His daughter Katherine recently spoke out about growing up as an actor and governor's daughter, and how his political scandal has changed her once moderately peaceful life.

"It was like everything came out of nowhere overnight," she said in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar (via yahoo.com). "I would go out to lunch, and literally 20 people would come and scream at me. And I'm like, 'This is so inappropriate; you're trying to provoke me to have an attack and say something crazy.'"

The 21-year-old says she has always tried to "behave" herself in order to protect her dad. A kind of ironic thought considering his recent actions. Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn't Spend Memorial Day With Family

"It could have ruined my father's career if I was caught drunk driving or something like that,"said Katherine. "Being the oldest and going from being an actor's kid to being the governor's daughter, it's a totally different amount of pressure put on you to be perfect." 

Being a Schwarzenegger seems to have affected every aspect of Katherine's life including dating. With an actor/governor for a father who specialized in action movies, one would think that Katherine would have her pick of any guy she wanted.

But although her dad's famous last name may have seemingly helped Katherine's dating life, she admits to thinking about changing her name in order to find boys who wanted to connect with her, and not her famous father.

"I thought of changing it because, especially for dating, it's impossible," she admitted. "It's something I deal with every day, and I am hyperconscious about it. When I got to college, people—much more guys than girls because girls don't give a crap about bodybuilding—were coming up to me, and it would automatically jump to a conversation about my dad and weight lifting or how to do a proper bicep curl. It's like, 'Do you want to date my father, or do you want to date me?'"