Can A Little Black H&M Dress Create A Lot Of First-Date Magic?

woman wearing LBD little black dress

A New York Post writer scored countless second dates with one LBD. Was it her charms or the dress?

A lot of us have silly superstitions, but who wouldn't be tempted to keep wearing a "Little Black Dress" on first dates if said dress has an 100-percent success rate?

The New York Post's Christina Amoroso is the lucky owner of this seemingly-charmed piece. The writer noticed a trend emerging every time she broke out her basic H&M LBD to wear on first dates... she always got a second-date invite. Intrigued by its apparent magic, she continued to wear the dress and it continued to produce remarkable results. Crazy! 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Date Outfit

Now, assuming Amoroso doesn't have a hidden stash of fairy dust somewhere, I have a few theories regarding her dress success. Maybe we can learn a lesson in first-date attire here? Date Night Dress Code

1. Men like the feminine vibe of the LBD. It's the simplest idea: Men will always love a lady's femininity. And what's more romantic and womanly than a classic Little Black Dress? I can relate to this notion with an early experience from my childhood. As a serious tomboy, long before my fashion-obsessed days, I wore basketball shorts and oversize tees to grade school, making it my life's mission to best the boys at everything from soccer to football. Needless to say, I wasn't the most popular girl on playground, and hardly scored the attention of the athletic cutie I had a crush on. He liked the feminine, flower-clad cheerleader, of course. Men's minds don't change on this matter. (And thank goodness I outgrew that phase.)

2. She was showing just the right amount of skin. Studies prove that men are most attracted to women who reveal not too much, but not too little skin. Skanky dresses may land you a hook-up, but they won't score many second dates. Guys like when ladies show-off a somewhat-conservative 40 percent of skin. It's the perfect ratio: not too buttoned-up, while still leaving a little to the imagination. From the Post's photo of Amoroso's dress, you can that see it shows off her neck and arms. And if I had to guess, it appears to fall around the knee. Wouldn't you know it! That's about 40 percent. Science was right! 5 Ways To Get The Glowing Skin Men Love

3. The successful dates gave her a boost of extra confidence. After going on her first few successful dates in the dress, Amoroso started feeling better about her chances. The guys picked up on her confidence, which made her more attractive to her dates. What man doesn't love a confident woman?

I think that's a lesson for us all: Wear whatever makes you feel the best on a date, whether it's an LBD, hot-pink heels or a sequined top. If you're confident in your look, you're guaranteed to have a good time, feel more attractive — and score second dates (and beyond!)