Blake Lively Is Desperate To Be Mrs. Leonardo DiCaprio

Blake Lively

Will the 'Gossip Girl' actress be the one to rope Leo into marriage?

Blake Lively is apparently not a Rules girl because she seems to be ignoring the one that says you shouldn't expect or try to make a man change, (especially if he's a 36-year-old movie star bachelor, who hasn't gotten anywhere close to being engaged to any of the supermodels he's dated.)

However, according to, that is exactly what Blake is trying to do!

"She wants to land Leo as a husband," said a source to Life & Style magazine. "Everything Blake tells me says Leo is serious. They are making plans together and acting like a serious couple."

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress has also decided that proximity makes the heart grow fonder, as she has supposedly rented a house just a few blocks away from Leo's home in LA.

"She needed a place in L.A. and decided to live as close to Leo as she could," added the insider. "I don't think she could have gotten a place any closer. She's jumping in feet first." Did Leo DiCaprio Dump Bar Rafaeli To Be With Blake Lively?

The source also confirmed what everyone has been thinking: That although she is beautiful, Blake is certainly not a supermodel!

"If you look at the other girls Leo dated, like Gisele [Bundchen] and Bar [Refaeli], it's clear he likes his ladies in great shape. Blake is very aware of that." 

Oh, Blake. Did you learn nothing from Elisabetta Canalis' breakup? She and George Clooney certainly seemed like a "serious couple," but that doesn't mean George had matrimony on his mind. And please don't go all Kate Middleton on us and lose a million pounds, just because Leo's exes are former Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. You look great as you are! Is Duchess Kate Middleton Too Skinny To Have A Baby Right Now?

What do you think, CelebLovers? Is this relationship doomed? Or is Blake craftier than we are giving her credit for and she really might end up as Mrs. DiCaprio? Sound off in the comments below.

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