5 More Of Our Favorite Brit/Yank Couples

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are one of our favorite Brit/Yank couples

These celeb couples will spend the 4th of July celebrating the bond between the UK and the US.

It's 4th of July weekend again, a time when Yanks will be celebrating the United States' independence from Great Britain. Last year, we shined the spotlight on five famous duos who have bridged the gap between our countries with love. And this year, we're taking a look at five more Brit/Yank celebrity couples who pledge their allegiance to each other. Our 5 Favorite Brit/Yank Couples

1. Katy Perry and Russell Brand - Just a year after ending her turbulent relationship with musician Travie McCoy, Katy began dating the womanizing British comedian. When the two announced their engagement three months later, everyone said it wouldn't last. But so far, Katy and Russell have proved the naysayers wrong. In the fall of 2010, the couple wed in a lavish Indian ceremony and have settled into married life quite nicely.

2. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - On paper, it seems like an odd pair: female human and male vampire. Er, we mean, the lip-biting poster girl for disaffected youth and the charming English gentleman. But somehow these two just fit together. And yes, we know that neither of them has ever really admitted that they're a couple, but it's pretty safe to assume that these two make their own 4th of July fireworks all year long! All the sneaking around must make it that much more exciting for them. For us, the constant coyness can wear a little thin...until they're caught, say, smooching in the back of a car, and then we're back to being fascinated. It's Official: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are An Item

3. Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy - No one could ever accuse Goldie Hawn's daughter of having a definite "type." The bubbly blonde has been married to roots rocker Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, was on-again/off-again with funnyman Owen Wilson, dated bad boy baseballer Alex Rodriguez, and is now engaged to Matt Bellamy, the frontman for British alt-rock band Muse. Kate and Matt seem like a pretty solid pair. At the very least, they clearly understand how important compromise is to a relationship, as the couple plans to live six months of the year in their London estate and the other six in their Pacific Palisades home.

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