How to Show Your Girlfriend You Really Love Her When You Next Hav


Women are not like men.

You cannot just go and buy any old vibrator or adult toys, or jack rabbit for your loved one… you are making a statement that will stand for some time. Let her know you really love her. This article is designed to help men choose the right vibrator as they express their love and commitment.

Women are not like men. When they get a present, it is not just about what they got, how expensive it is, how good they will look in front of their friends, enemies (same thing), colleagues and every other woman ever on the planet, they really care about how much thought you put into it. You cannot just go buying your girlfriend any old vibrator to tell her you love her, you need to show her that you were really thinking about her, when you bought it. This article will make sure you get it right. Spending the time to make sure you have purchased the model that matches your dream girl to a tee, should appear more important than getting to try it on her. This article is a look at how to select the right model, style, personality and character of vibrator for your loved one.

Types of Use. Will she use it in the shower? Will she use it while she is at work? Will she be using it on you? The first rule of selecting a vibrators, is fully considering her potential use-options. From this we can understand a whole range of issues. You will know whether you need a very portable option, or perhaps a waterproof model. You might want to reconsider the size after thinking about it being used on you. Stop and think about the types of use, and assess your options.

Fashion Sense. Every woman has her own style. She has her own sense of fashion. You must consider this carefully. If she is a bit butch, getting her the pink vibrating rabbit, will just not do. If she thinks she comes from Venus, and looks like it too, you better be getting the gold-plated dehumidifying model – she is going to need to see her face in it! To a woman, what you buy her, represents how you see her, and that needs to be what she sees herself, and not the slightest difference can be allowed for. Get it wrong, and you are in trouble.

Future Redundant? This is where your own flair and style come into the equation. Do you want to buy something that will always be in style? Or, are you a very ‘now’ kind of guy? Bling is very popular this year, as are homeopathic models designed to vibrate and massage, as they penetrate. Is your girl more of an organic type, does she care about how carbon neutral your gift will be? Know her, know yourself, and get it right.

Cost. Money talks and bull’s something walks. All women want the most expensive. Size does not matter when it comes down to dollar value, unless it is a diamond. There are two big moments in your relationship, this, and getting her the biggest diamond ring ever, even if it is totally impractical, and you have lost your HSV to get it (even better). Payment terms show that you have made a commitment, but only if she can get it now. Always spend a little more than you intended to.

Adult toys, chosen with love, tenderness, care, thought, and true sincerity, are the only way to let her know you will always love her.