Miranda Kerr Made Orlando Bloom Pee In A Bottle During Labor

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

The supermodel wouldn't let her hubby leave the room during the 27-hour-long childbirth process.

They say childbirth is pretty hard, that it's not exactly a comfortable, pleasant experience for the mother. However, for some reason when we heard supermodel-mommy Miranda Kerr's childbirth tale, we ended up feeling bad for her actor-hubby, Orlando Bloom. Wonder why.

According to the Daily Mail, Miranda told Conan O'Brien she was in labor for a whopping 27 hours. And where was Orlando? "I wouldn't even let him leave during it," she chuckled. "He had to pee in a bottle. He stayed there the whole time."

Seriously?! ...Yeah, writing it down was not the first we heard it. But still. For real. We are still stunned. Orlando = Trooper. Oh. And Miranda, too. (We guess.) CONTEST CLOSED! Describe Amazing Sex & Win A Trip To NYC + $1000!

"He is a wonderful father and I am really blessed," she went on to say.

Then, Miranda went on to describe the situation in further detail (via The Huffington Post): "I had made my mind up that I was going to have a natural birth... then the doctors said 'OK, you're going to have to be induced because there's not enough fluid for the baby,' so I was induced. And then, it was 27 hours later with not one drop [of pain medication] because I'd been determined I'd do it.... And let me tell you, my baby was almost ten pounds." Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Welcome Baby Boy

OK, now. In all seriousness: Miranda and Orlando both deserve kudos for bringing this child into the world. And little Flynn is a lucky guy. Miranda said Orlando is an "incredibly hands-on father" and called her son "the light of my life." Aw. With love like that going around, this seems like one adorable and happy Hollywood family.

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