Neptune In Pisces: What This 14-Year Cycle Means For Love

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In April, Neptune ditched Aquarius for Pisces. Here's what this shift means for your love life.

Have you ever yearned for a more passionate love life? Have you ever wondered why you haven't found your soul mate, or if you have, have you wished she or he was more romantic? This spring you can stop wishing: On April 4, Neptune moved into Pisces, ushering in a new era of enchanting, extravagant romance. Neptune changes signs once every 14 years, so this is a major shift. Here's what it means for you.

Romance. Neptune is a highly romantic sign, so during this era true love will be your supreme motivating force. We're not talking about practical love, focused on finding the right provider—Neptune's love is the wild, passionate love that so many women fantasize about. 5 Simple Actions That Reignite Passion

A return to the "real." For the past 14 years Neptune has been in techy, intellectual Aquarius, which helped bring about the digital revolution, but had some unfortunate side effects. As the ruler of delusion and illusion, Neptune in Aquarius blurred the lines between our true selves and our digital selves. Think reality TV, auto-tuned musical acts and internet-only friendships. Technology can certainly enhance our relationships, but isn't it better to love in person than to send text messages to a faceless beau? Neptune loves the pain and passion of true love and true experience; we only live once, so it's best to do so with all our heart.

A cultural renaissance. Neptune and Pisces are both creative and artistic, so look for a complete renaissance in the arts, especially in the realm of film and photography, which are ruled by Neptune. This is a time for unfettered imagination to take hold of the communal consciousness, as we move away from materialism and towards spirituality. Last time Neptune transited Pisces (back in the 1850s), was the hey-day of the Pre-Raphaelites and Transcendentalists. Are You And Your Partner In Sync Spiritually?

The triumph of the heart over the mind. Neptune in Pisces will all be about making choices and navigating life through intuition. We'll stop seeing feelings as a result of psychology and start viewing them as expressions of and guides to our own unique souls. When searching for a love partner, throw away the checklists and follow your heart.

Life and love without judgment. Sick of comparing yourself to others? Tired of hearing you have to have it all? Now is your time to shine. This is the era of risk-taking, so embrace your passionate side and don't think about what you "should" be doing. There's more to life than a perfectly cooked turkey and 500-thread-count sheets (it's what's happening between the sheets that matters!). Those who are willing to take chances, who live and love with all of their souls—those are the ones who will lead the most fulfilling, passionate lives. 4 Sexy Spring Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

Are you feeling the effects of Neptune in Pisces? Tell us how!

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