New Create-Your-Own Girlfriend Service: Worst Idea Ever?

man looking at woman on computer screen
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Who needs a real woman when you can have a fake one from Cloud Girlfriend? Um...

You've probably told a relationship fib at some point in your life. You might've mentioned your (nonexistent) boyfriend to the guy who wouldn't leave you alone at the coffee shop. Or maybe you let a new flame think you were still playing the field so he wouldn't figure out that you were actually sitting at home Friday night doodling his initials linked with yours.

But it's definitely possible to go too far with stretching the truth, and most of us realize that creating a fully-formed fake relationship qualifies.

MOST of us.

In the dial-up days of yore, lonely singles who couldn't deal with reality invented fake Canadian girlfriends, but today, according to PCMag, a new service called Cloud Girlfriend promises something more realistic: a fake girlfriend who actually interacts with you online.

In a 21st-Century twist on Weird Science, Cloud Girlfriend, which launches April 26, will create virtual girlfriends who post messages and respond publicly to you on your favorite social networks. Facebook Causes Romantic Jealousy

"What we are creating blurs the lines between reality and imagination," Cloud Girlfriend CEO David Fuhriman said in a statement. "We allow people to define their ideal self, find their perfect girlfriend or boyfriend and connect and interact as if that person existed."

Fuhriman stresses that real women, not programmed autoresponders, will control each cloud girlfriend's account. The service is reportedly going to be free, and there's no word on how they're planning to pay the women who pull the strings.

Fuhriman says he sees Cloud Girlfriend as a tool for teaching people how to manage relationships. "Like the saying goes, 'Practice makes perfect.' The site can help people come together and practice managing a real relationship- and then take it into the real world."

Yes, because there's nothing sexier to real-world women than a man who has a checklist of physical and mental attributes for his "ideal girlfriend". Or a man who needs constant public validation from his partner to feel valued. Or a man who lies and misrepresents himself.

Ultimately, this service will teach lessons about relationships. They're just the wrong ones.