ABC Family's My Future Boyfriend: What If Love Didn't Exist?

In My Future Boyfriend, a romance novelist teaches a time traveler from the future about love.

You've heard of star-crossed love, but what about time-crossed love? In the ABC Family Movie My Future Boyfriend, a writer meets a man who just might be The One, except for one little problem: He's a time traveler from the 32nd century.

The story begins when two 32nd Century explorers unearth buried treasure from what was once the Pacific Ocean. One container includes a large amount of cash and a romance novel titled Forbidden Love by someone named Elizabeth Barrett (played by Sara Rue). P-A-X-497/341 (Barry Watson), known as Pax for the rest of the movie, starts rifling through the artifacts. As he flips through the book, he sees foreign words—love, passion, and sex—that pique his curiosity. He asks an elder scientist called Bob (Fred Willard) about their meaning and doesn't get any answers. Just like poverty, violence, and first names, love has been removed from this future society.

When Pax expresses a desire to find out more, Bob will only say love made bad things happen in past civilizations. It was like a virus. Undaunted, Pax sets out to travel more than 1,000 years back to 2011 when the romance novel was published. He wants to learn about love from Elizabeth Barrett herself. Bob gives Pax a deadline for return and wishes him luck.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is living the dream in 2011. By day, she works as a writer at a tabloid magazine called Strange Times. But her proudest achievement is her first published romance novel. She happily passes out the book to co-workers and mentions to a close co-worker that she found out her boyfriend is planning a surprise wedding proposal. 7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You

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