Decorating Your Home for Romance


Make a great first impression on your date with simple and sophisticated decor for your home.

Your home is the place you have chosen to share the rest of your life with the one you love, so why not decorate it for romance? Of course your first objective is to make your space functional to fit your daily living requirements, so you’re going to need basic pieces like couches and chairs, a dining table, a bed, and storage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to give your practical furnishings and accessories the feel of luxury and warmth that facilitate a fiery romance within the walls of your domicile. So whether you’re looking to fan the embers a bit or start a wildfire of passion, here are just a few ways to create an atmosphere rife with romantic possibilities.

1. Paint. The easiest way to dramatically alter the ambience of a space is through paint color. Warm colors tend to make a room feel seductive and inviting, so skip the neutral palette and opt instead for a deep shade of cranberry, saffron, or spicy pumpkin. These hues may seem a bit overwhelming by the bright light of day, but imagine the warm glow your walls will wrap you in when you fire up a few candles. If it’s still a bit too much for your delicate sensibilities, try an accent wall with the color you crave and paint the rest of the walls with a sandy neutral for balance.

2. Flooring. Nothing will give your room a richer feel than dark hardwood, and you can keep it eco-friendly by seeking out reclaimed planks (which will have the desirable patina of previous usage). Throw a super-soft sheepskin rug by the fireplace and pop the cork on some red wine for a carpet picnic you won’t soon forget. For less expense, select wall-to-wall carpeting that is lush and plush.

3. Furnishings. You’ve got to ratchet up the comfort level for romance, so cushy couches and a springy mattress are a must. Just don’t get anything too fussy; it’s pretty difficult to get in the mood when you’re worried about staining your white sofa, kicking over the glass coffee table, or breaking a spindly and expensive vintage chair. Think about fabrics that are both soft and durable so they won’t be uncomfortable on your skin and a spilled glass of wine can be easily mopped up. And if you have the space in your bedroom, consider a fainting couch upholstered in velvet damask for a truly luxurious statement piece that can easily be used as a seductive prop.

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