Are Sean Penn And Scarlett Johansson A "Match Made In Heaven?"


The age difference may seem peculiar, but the stars are in these stars' favor.

Like everyone else in the free world, we saw Sean Penn and Robin Wright's split coming waaaaay down the rocky relationship turnpike. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand? We were kind of blindsided by that one. Not, you know, sad or anything, but definitely caught off guard. (If either one of them are reading this, just know that we're super into helping you through this tough time. We'll be using a revolutionary new therapy we like to call "Lots of Frenching." Call us.)Anywhoo, speaking of "caught off guard," we never, never expected that Ms. Johansson and Mr. Penn would take solace in each other—especially since he's nearly TWICE AS OLD AS SHE IS. (Sure, "age is just a number" and all that jazz, but when the object of your desire thinks of your 20s as "that really long ago time when Hippies ate Watergate," you might have problems.) The two are denying any romance, but snapshots of a cuddly L.A. lunch show ScarJo lounging with a foot in Sean's lap, which, by Hollywood standards, is technically second base. Could these two jilted luh-vahs find contentment in each other, or will Scarlett flee before the waiter can apply Sean's AARP discount to the check? Moonit's on the case.

According to their romantic analysis, ScarJo (born on November 22, 1984) and Sean Penn (born on August 17, 1960) are a "match made in heaven." In fact, they're so good for each other that Moonit advises the pair to "grab on with both hands and don't let go." Although it might seem like the generation gap would be too big to bridge, their readout insists that they "have it all: they're physically attracted to each other, they provide each other with unwavering emotional support, and they dig each other's vibe more than Brett Michaels loves strip clubs."

At the core of this awesomeness is a fundamental respect and appreciation, which would make this relationship a lot "like you're dating your best friend...who you want to see naked." And the goodness even extends to career pursuits and (gulp) the big "M." Says Moonit, "people always warn against working with family and friends…but these two have the makings of ideal partners no matter what they're collaborating on….go get married and have a billion kids." Kids might be jumping the gun a little. Maybe we'll wait for a publicist to confirm that they're dating before we start looking for baby bumps.

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