Gwyneth Paltrow Is "A Rock" For Chris Martin

gwyneth paltrow and chris martin

Chris Martin is said to be distraught over his parents' divorce, but Gwynnie's got his back.

People just love to hate Gwyneth Paltrow. They criticize her movies, her television appearances, her do-it-yourself newsletter. The actress can't seem to shake her ice-princess image, and the fact that she was born to Hollywood royalty (actress Blythe Danner and producer-director Bruce Paltrow) doesn't seem to help.

But whether you love her or hate her, you can't deny that the girl's got a heart of gold. The blonde actress is a consummate do-gooder, a Save The Children ambassador and a board member for numerous charities. But right now, she's more interested in a cause close to home: helping her husband Chris Martin through his parents' divorce. The Coldplay frontman's parents are calling it quits after thirty years together, and according to The Daily Mail, the notoriously private singer has turned to his wife for support. Gwyneth Is Tired Of Rocky Marriage Rumors

Martin's parents recently filed for divorce and put the house that rock star grew up in on the market. That would be upsetting for anyone, but according the the Mail, things are also moving fast: Martin's father Anthony has already moved on and is dating another woman while his mother, Alison has rented a flat and has gone back to work as a music teacher.

Martin and his father have always been close, and Anthony has toured with Coldplay in the past. Martin has joked, "He’s living the dream. I have to check he hasn’t trashed the hotel room before we leave each city.' We won't be surprised if he hops back on the tour bus in the wake of the split. Let's just hope his newly single status doesn't make even more of a wildman out of him!

And even though Martin has always been closer to his father than his mother, we hear the reverse is true for his siblings. We wonder if the split is causing fault lines within the family?