Naomi Campbell Shared Her Billionaire Boyfriend For Christmas

Naomi Campbell Vladimir Doronin
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Who would have thought that Naomi could play nice in the game of love?

While some ladies would completely object to sharing their man with another woman, it seems that supermodel Naomi Campbell--of all people--is as cool as a cucumber when it comes to giving her chic Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, intimate family time for the holidays.

Vladimir, who is considered the "Donald Trump of Russia" (and a pretty hot version, too), spent Christmas with his current wife, Ekaterina and their daughter Katia at the Beverly Hills Hotel before he then joined Naomi to jet down to Cabo, Mexico to ring in the New Year, according to Page Six.

Yes, we said current wife. If you're not up to speed, we'll take a quick second to remind you that Vladimir did reveal during Oprah's controversial interview with Naomi that he's still married, although he's been separated for ten years. We aren't sure why he's never gone through with the divorce, but it seems that it hasn't stopped Vladimir from starting a pretty intense relationship with Naomi over two years ago. We've even heard that the wife and the girlfriend have met and been photographed together. Plus, Vladimir still manages to visit his wife and daughter in the UK when he's there for business.

While we're sure guys around the world give props to Vladimir 'cause of the life he's leading, we have to admit that we're really confused that Naomi and Ekaterina (at least on the outside) seem to be cool enough to share Vladimir since neither one has called it quits. After all, what good is it to be married to a billionaire if the world remembers him as Naomi's boyfriend over being your husband? And for Naomi... Well, even with all her drama, we're sure there are plenty of powerful, hot, wealthy men that would have no problem having her on their arm. The Surprising Benefits Of Open Marriage

Maybe each lady has her reasons... And, maybe beyond his looks, Vladimir has some type of charm or magnetism that makes him extremely irresistible -- we're not sure what the deal is, really. But, we will say that it looks like each of the ladies have decided to learn how to coexist for the long haul since it looks like this little split family thing isn't breaking up quite yet.

Photo Credit: INF