Love Bytes: Occupy Wall Street Is Quite A Singles Scene, We Hear


Plus, what Midwesterners can teach the rest of us about love.

The Occupy Wall Street franchise is really beginning to spread its roots. Next step: cogent talking points. Donald Trump thinks the whole thing was kicked off as a way for singles to meet, hook up and presumably make plackard-holding children. (

The Donald is only mostly wrong. Evidently, there is a certain technique to picking up one of those 99%ers… (Coed Magazine)

Even without all the class warfare, New York is pretty glamorous place. People come as far as from the Middle East and the Midwest to bask in Gotham's brilliance. But what can Midwesterners, with their "values," teach us big-city folk about love? (Nerve)

Wow. People from Peoria aren't so different from the rest of us after all. As you recover from that revelation, hold on to your friggin' hat: according to researchers, dudes and chicks are far more similar than we've ever thought. (Jezebel)

OK, I hope you found your hat because your going to need it keep your head from exploding at this finding: Couples who watch porn together are more committed to each other. It's probably because they don't think they'll ever find anyone else who won't criticize their porn-watching habits. (Betty Confidential)

Please collect yourself with all due alacrity, because you'll need all your senses for this one. Evidently, there are a few simple steps to make flirting with a fella really work. One of those is: Just have fun with it. (Yahoo! Shine)

And be careful who you flirt with (even if you're indifferent to having your mind blown). Because that man (or woman) may be uninterested in paying for your first-date dinner. And you're not going to pay for it either. Which only leaves one option…jail! (Huffington Post)

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