Love Bytes: My Newlywed Husband Doesn't Want Me

A newlywed who won't have sex, plus boob ogling and some thoughts on "failed" relationships.

Welcome to Love Bytes, 15 must-read love and relationship links from around the web:

A sad, "sexless bride" writes to Wendy of The Frisky saying her new hubby "isn't sexually attracted to [her] anymore"...and they just got married (she even had to leave the country in order to do it)! [The Frisky]

Emily of Asylum discusses breasts and the guys who think girls don't notice when they stare at them—but they do. [Asylum]

A college girl reveals the "guaranteed boy repellent." [College Candy]

Did you know that the United States is the 19th "flirtiest" industrialized country in the world? [lemondrop]

Donney M. discusses how Facebook can royally screw up relationships. [BuzzFeed]

So what does a healthy relationship really look like? [Huffington Post Living]

At 1200 lbs., Manuel Uribe is the "fattest man in the universe"—and he just got married! [The Daily Lowdown]

An Arizona State University study has found that teen girls are less likely than boys to use protection during first-time sex. [Nerve]

No matter what, getting hitched and starting a family will change the dynamic of your friendships. [Glo]

How do the ladies feel about this gentleman's list of 7 ways to create the perfect date...? [Marie Claire]

If you walk a certain way (even if it's probably not the best for your posture), he won't be able to stop staring. [Cosmopolitan]

A unique perspective on "failed" relationships: just because the relationship has ended doesn't necessarily mean it has "failed." [Double X]

Guyism goes through a list of the 8 most dysfunctional athlete relationships. [Guyism]

Remember: according to a study by the American Psychological Association, people who don't feel secure in relationships seem to have a higher risk of heart disease (among other bad health problems). [AOL Health]

Victor The Cat has relationship advice!! Read what he has to say about dealing with annoying relatives during Thanksgiving. [BlissTree]


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