Charlie Sheen Doesn't Want To Be On Reality TV

Charlie Sheen Doesn't Want To Be On Reality TV

By filing for divorce first, Sheen beat wife Brooke Mueller to the punch.

Ok, no shocker here. After a domestic violence dispute, stints in rehab for both parties and most recently, a hooker-and-drug filled escapade, Charlie Sheen and his third wife, Brooke Mueller are finally ready to call it quits—officially. But what is sorta surprising is that Mueller wasn't the one to file the divorce papers.

Despite the fact that she's been separated from Charlie for quite some time now, and not to mention the fact that he has been in a downward spiral for the last year, Mueller never said "enough" and filed for divorce. And this is even after the cops found Charlie in a drug-induced stupor after a week-long cocaine binge with a porn star! Seriously, what does it take to get this woman to kick her no-good husband to the curb?

Well, according to TMZ's sources, Brooke actually agreed to file jointly with Charlie to present a "united front" (whatever that means). So despite the fact that Mueller and Sheen signed divorce papers and property settlement agreements months ago, they were holding onto them…until "the right moment." (We're kinda confused what that moment would be, since one would think it would have been long before Charlie landed back in bed with hookers...) Is Charlie Sheen STILL Partying With Hookers?

But Mueller wasn't holding on in hopes of making it work for the sake of the couple's twin babies, nor was she blinded by love. Nope, it's more like blinded by fame. According to TMZ, Charlie decided to file the papers first, because he didn't want to be a part of Brooke's reality TV show. (Is it us or is Mueller pulling a Denise Richards? The hair, the two kids, the nasty divorce, the reality show…)

It looks like Brooke wanted to use her marriage (or more like, divorce) for a chance at real fame (as opposed to being infamous for putting up with Sheen's antics). So she put off divorcing her train wreck of a husband, so Charlie (and we guess their divorce battle) could be part of her reality show. Mueller must not have learned anything from being married to Charlie Sheen: She should have known if the douche bag couldn't stick to his marriage vows, he probably wouldn't abide by some informal agreement about when to file for divorce.

And according to sources, Charlie decided he didn't want to be part of Brooke's show, so he went ahead and filed the papers before the cameras started rolling. Sheen may be a complete dick, but we're gonna thank him for saving the world from another horrible reality show. We think between Whitney and Bobby and Kelly Killoren Bensimon's psychotic meltdowns on The Real Housewives of New York City, we've watched enough celebrity reality shows to last us a lifetime.

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