AskMen's Most Influential Men—Who's Most Dateable?

George Clooney

AskMen's Top 49 Most Influential Men Of 2010 list re-ordered according to "The Dateable Index."

The results are in: Jon Stewart is The Most Influential Man In The World. Yes, yes. We'd have to agree. But what about the others?

According to AskMen's 2010 reader survey results, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Drew Brees, James Franco, Elon Musk Jose Mourinho, and Graydon Carter top out the list of modern manly man in 2010. Their standards? Who has made the biggest impact, and ultimately, shaped what it means to be a man.

But for us, the question is more simple: Who would you rather?

In that sense, YourTango has created "The Dateable Index." Here, we've evaluated the eligible (or, um, eligible-in-our-minds) fellows on their pretty faces, their current career power, whether or not they've managed to lock down a lovely woman whom we envy, and how often we see them photographed holding fat, adorable babies. The verdict is the AskMen Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010, in YourTango's preferred order—the who would you do order, obviously.

1. George Clooney (Ranked 18th)

Clooney is a classic; like the '65 Mustang, Coca-Cola, and Chanel No. 5, he's gloriously old-fashioned yet utterly modern and delectable, and he keeps getting better every year he ages. The charity work and dimples are just icing.

2. Jon Stewart (Ranked 1st)

The voice of sanity in the midst of an increasingly insane media landscape, Comedy Central's franchise QB gives CNN's silver fox, Anderson Cooper, a run for his sexy bona fides. In addition to skewering the rich, ridiculous, and hypocritical four nights a week on TV, Jon also finds time to support autism education and be a devoted husband and father of two. That wife of his: Lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

3. Hugh Jackman (Ranked 36th)

It takes a whole lot of man to combine song-and-dance with adamantium claws, but Hugh Jackman has been fusing the two since his big break almost ten years ago in X-Men. He's talented at pretty much everything he tries, including making us drool.

4. Ben Affleck (Ranked 25th)

When Ben Affleck first got famous, you could be forgiven for thinking he was just a beefcake pretty-boy. Twelve years later he's married and a father of two adorable daughters, and a respected director with two critically acclaimed films under his belt. Boston boy makes good, indeed.

5. Rafael Nadal (Ranked 15th)

2010 is indeed the year of the Spaniard in sports, and one of the primary reasons is World No. 1 Rafael Nadal, who won three Grand Slams this year, including his first U.S. Open, and did it all while looking completely delicious, even when sweaty. Who else can pull off hot pink and electric yellow, and wallop Roger Federer on the regular? Read about Rafa on AskMen.

6. Drew Brees (Ranked 6th)

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, recently welcomed their second son, Bowen, which means we can hopefully look forward to more completely adorable pictures like this one. Is there anything cuter than a man with a tiny baby? Maybe a man with a tiny baby who just brought the Lombardi trophy to a hurricane-ravaged city whose citizens greet him as their savior.

7. Justin Timberlake (Ranked 33rd)

It’s a little disgusting that Justin Timberlake could easily have three other very successful careers in addition to the one he chose. It wasn’t enough being a multiple Grammy winner; he also has to be an actor, a fashion designer, and a restaurateur, and do all of them impeccably and seemingly without breaking a sweat. Success—and ambition—is very sexy indeed.

8. Russell Brand (Ranked 49th)

The weekend's news that Russell made an honest woman out of fiancée Katy Perry caused us no little distress. We always thought the loose and loony comedian would come to his senses and marry us next to some elephants in India. Ah, cruel fate.

9. Conan O'Brien (Ranked 12th)

What's not to love about an extraordinarily tall, pale ginger who recently got booted from his high-profile job? Practically nothing, when that ginger is the classy and resilient Conan. He handled a brutal situation with tact and compassion for his employees, and that's something we respect.

10. Barack Obama (Ranked 21st)

The leader of the free world knows how to show a girl a good time (and to be clear, by "a girl" we mean his fierce and awesome wife, Michelle)—his idea of date night includes taking Air Force One up to New York for a four-star supper and a trip to Broadway. And then there's that whole "I could have your ex-boyfriend sent to Guantanamo." Swoon.

11. Isaiah Mustafa — Old Spice Dude (Ranked 30th)

He's funny. He smells good. He's on a horse. What else do you need to know?