A-List Links: Is Reese Witherspoon Engaged?

Broken Heart

Plus, Jon Hamm refuses to wear underwear. We're guessing his female co-stars don't mind!

Pumped about all of the political campaigning this week? No? Neither are we! We'd much rather read about the catfight beween the Sister Wives than the one going on in California between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina. So if you're like us, enjoy this extra dose of celebrity news links that we compiled from around the web, including a couple you might have missed this week here on CelebLove.

- Is Reese Witherspoon going to be a bride again? The word on the street is that Reese's agent boyfriend of 10 months, Jim Toth, is ready to propose and is in the process of "designing a ring" for her. Poor Jim must really be feeling the pressure to top the ring from Reese's first marriage to Ryan Phillippe. When you're dating a woman who makes $10 million a movie, you can't exactly go diamond shopping at the jewelry store in the mall! [US Magazine]

- Despite the rumors, Jessica Simpson is NOT getting engaged to her boyfriend, Eric Johnson, but she did have an awkward run-in with Nick Lachey recently that probably caused Vanessa Minnillo to feel a little insecure. "Vanessa must have gotten jealous...[She] was rubbing Nick's back, kissing his neck and ear, and running her fingers through his hair." We wonder if Jessica caught the show from her vantage point, a few tables away? [Huffington Post]

- We have to admit, we were suspicious when Kat Von D started dating Jesse James, and it looks like our gut instincts were right! Just a few short weeks after gushing that Jesse was "the one," Kat is reportedly back with her ex, Nikki Sixx! Did she just use Jesse for the publicity? [Life & Style]

- If you really want to show a woman you care, what do you do? Buy her roses? Write her a letter? No, you go to her current boyfriend's place of employment and attempt to take him out of the picture! At least, that's what a Bronx man named Grim LeRouge, who's said to be infatuated with Cameron Diaz, appeared to do when he ran out on Yankee Field this week. [YourTango]