Katy Perry Says No Sex Until Marriage

Katy Perry Russell Brand

Katy Perry has banned sex with Russell Brand until their wedding night.

Katy Perry has no problems singing about kissing girls or teenage sex, and certainly no qualms with bouncing around in latex dresses and cupcake bras in public. But when it comes to her personal life and her wedding night, she has decided to go back in time and try to hold onto some of her childhood Christian values, well except for when it comes to the actual ceremony that is.   

The pop starlet will reportedly wed comedian and former sex-addict mind you, Russell Brand, in a Hindu ceremony in India later this month. But until then, Katy has decided that she will no longer be sleeping with her fiance. With the intent of making their wedding night extra special , she has banned sex, and Russell has reluctantly agreed. 9 Wacky Facts About Katy Perry's Wedding  

It seems a wedding would be special with or without any rules prior, and the couple thinks so as well when it comes to the prenup aspect for their marriage. But the bedroom and bank accounts are separate affairs, usually, and if Katy thinks a sex ban is the way to go, we wish her and Russell the best of luck and hope their lack of prenuptials and sex before marriage never affects them negatively. Russell Brand & Katy Perry: No Prenup Is Necessary  

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